Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How have you been doing with your resolutions?

One week in to 2013 and it's a fair question to ask: how have you been keeping on with your new years resolution? In the forthcoming episode Ryan and I discuss resolutions, but before it is posted I would like to know how the first week has been and, more importantly, what lessons you have learned so far.

Since I'm writing this, I'll share first. One of the the things that I resolved to accomplish was to do the month of January dry - no booze. I've realized that I'm more focused and productive and I haven't felt better in a long time. Now, I don't plan on going sober for the rest of my life, rather I just need to tone down my relationship with alcohol from a Workaholics (tv show on comedy central) level to a responsible adult level. It's difficult to have a rough day at work and to subsequently deny oneself that delicious beer or wine that helps one unwind. But I just reminded myself that it's OK and it's time to move on. So far this first week has been a great change for the better. I'm also hitting the gym with a renewed vigor and I've rebalanced my diet in an attempt to include more fruits and antioxidants (pomegranate juice/tea).

Making both of these changes are challenging (moreover upholding these changes is a challenge), but there are lessons to be learned and the payoffs are long reaching. If you have slipped up already this year, forgive yourself and move forward with your resolution. If you haven't, keep strong and stay focused. Share your stories in the comments.

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